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The Ultimate “Super Mario Sunshine” Recap Cartoon

Playing Mario Sunshine on the GameCube back in 2002 for hours and hours finally paid off. We helped out with the compositing for The Ultimate “Super Mario Sunshine” Recap Cartoon. Put on your sunglasses and relive this beautiful game (including the frustrating bits). Wahoo!


a Cartoon by Cas & Shigloo

Storyboards: Shigloo

Backgrounds: Anna Engels

Animation: Erwin Langstraat – Geoffrey Armfield – Paul McNulty
Nicolas Gonzalez – Erik Waeijen – Martijn Kreemers
Tijmen Raasveld – 改刀SD – Cas van de Pol

FX Animation: Emanuel Espinoza

Rigs: Nicolas Gonzalez

Compositing: Cas van de Pol – Thijs Viegers – Ben Vinkenburg

Music & sound design: Robert Jung – Shigloo

Voice: Pepijn Hikspoors

Client: Cas van de Pol –