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Leader KLIK! 2017

In collaboration with an amazing group of artists we created the leader for the 10th edition of KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival. The theme was ‘never grow up’ so we tried to make one big nostalgia-fueled animated trip down memory lane.

We are big fans of KLIK! and have been going to the festival for years. When we were approached by KLOMP! Animation to help out with the festival leader we couldn’t be happier.

The plan was to make a journey through animation history and pay tribute to the different styles of animation that we feel nostalgic about. We really wanted to make something special, so we teamed up with a lot of different studios and freelance artists to cover all the different necessary techniques. All techniques had to be properly represented: traditional 2D animation, cut out and stop-motion animation just to name a few.

After KLOMP! Animation’s Junaid Chundrigar finished the animatic, everybody knew exactly what to do. Every team member would animate the scenes they felt most comfortable with. Studio Plumeau animated the Aladdin and The Lion King scenes and in addition we made backgrounds and did fx animation for everyone.

Once everything was animated we did the compositing of the entire leader and made sure that every shot looked like the original. To accomplish this we found ways to make digital 2D animation look like a 16mm film from the 30s. We made shots look like they were animated on cells. Also we tweaked footage in order to make them look like early 90s cartoons. This was a very interesting process and it really tied together all the different techniques.

The leader proves that one can accomplish great things when working as a team. Check out this breakdown of the leader to see the different stages of the production. Also check out the work of all the other studios and team members. Links are in the credits.



Storyboard – Direction: KLOMP! Animation –
Backgrounds: Ben Vinkenburg – Evelyne du Bois – Tom van der Linden
Compositing: Ben Vinkenburg

Music: Jochem Weierink –
Sound Design: Elephant Ears –

Client: KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival –

Aladdin – Lion King:

Studio Plumeau –
Character Animation: Thijs Viegers
3D Animation: Bas Klompmaker
FX Animation: Thijs Viegers – Geoffrey Maclean

Steamboat Willie – Looney Tunes – Cartoon Network
Pokémon – Transformers – live-action:

KLOMP! Animation –
Character Animation: Junaid Chundrigar – Davor Bujakovic – Martijn Kreemers – Yens Phosri

Nightmare before Christmas:

Character Animation: Kasper Werther –
Assistance: Carry Staatsen – Karen Werther – Hans Werther

South Park:

Character Animation: Hilde Buiter –
Assistance: Kabo Lam

Finding Nemo:

Colorbleed –
Modeling: Sander Bultman – Tom Hankins – Derk Elshof
Lookdev: Tom Hankins – Derk Elshof
Rigging: Roy Nieterau -Wijnand Koreman
Animation: Danny Vos
Simulation – FX: Sander Bultman
Lighting – Rendering – Compositing: Tom Hankins

Dragon Ball Z:

Character Animation: Kabo Lam –
FX Animation: Geoffrey Maclean