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About Studio Plumeau

We are Studio Plumeau

Devoted animation artists from Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are passionate about frame-by-frame work. We draw, design and develop animated movies. With a strong focus on narrative and design we transform stories into movies, video clips, commercials and other types of motion content for both offline and online media.
No flies in the ointment, no second bests. Always quality over quantity. We can either deliver the whole package, i.e. from script to final video, or we can assist you at any given moment in an animation production. We are specially known for our compositing skills and the animation styles.

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Studio Plumeau About

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Studio Plumeau About

The whole package

For a well-known Dutch television show we produced a movie that is inspired by a Dutch Novel from Erik Jan Harmens. The project shows you the whole process of making a frame by frame animation.
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Studio Plumeau About

A full narrative experience

As animators we are driven to create narrative experiences. In the animation we did for a Dutch ministry we created a concept that is translated in all the aspects of the movie and other media.
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