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Commercial for Dutch Rijkswaterstaat

We created a commercial in a 2D vintage style for the Dutch Ministry of Waterways and Public Works. The commercial shows how to dodge traffic in the Netherlands like a boss.

(this is the moment for you to turn on your sound)

Cartoon Modern is an animation style from the fifties. It is typical because of the outlines, colors and abstract figures.

Check out this video about the style Cartoon Modern.


Storytelling and Character design

The Commercial needed to be informative and funny to watch. To create this vibe we decided to use one of the oldest tricks in the book. Two characters that are the exact opposites of each other. Meet our little friends.

The sound of the fifties

During the making of this commercial we wanted to create a special soundtrack that was in line with the style of the 2D animation.
We needed a composition that would create the real fifties vibe. We needed an orchestra! And we got it from Jochem Weierink

Our devotion for making this commercial resulted in 3 short movies for this Rijkswaterstaat Project.

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